Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The purpose of gays

Why do gays exist? What function do they serve? Since they much less likely to produce offspring evolution suggests they shouldn't exist. How might gays be an evolutionary advantage?

Research done in Western societies haven't come up with an answer. A team of researchers decided that the normal roles of gays has been corrupted by homophobia and Western societies can't provide the answer. They are counter-evolutionary. So the team went to Samoa, a culture little influenced by Western morality and more like our ancestral past. There they found gays to be well accepted in society (though they usually had sex with straight men rather than with each other -- perhaps reinforcing the idea that most men are not exclusively straight?). The role of these gay men was usually to put significant effort into raising nieces and nephews including "babysit­ting, buy­ing toys, tu­tor­ing, ex­pos­ing the chil­dren to art and mu­sic, and con­tri­but­ing to daycare, med­i­cal and educa­t­ion ex­penses." Kids with gay uncles had better care and a higher chance of reaching adulthood (or at least less frazzled parents). These kids also have a genetic tendency to produce gay offspring.

All that means is homophobia is the problem, not homosexuality. It is homophobia that destroys family values. The research has been published in a respected scientific journal -- and roundly ignored. It should be a factor in the laws we make about gay people.

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