Sunday, November 25, 2007

What I want a Democrat to be.

A posting in one of my favorite blogs laments that Democrats aren't what they used to be and asks the question: What does it mean to be a Democrat?

Most of the responses discuss what Dems are at the moment. This is my list of what I think Democrats should be.

A Democrat is someone who…

* will help the little guy to have a fighting chance against the big guy (and the corporation).

* helps the downtrodden get a second (and third) chance.

* promotes improved living for everyone, including through education and health care.

* believes in tolerance and is welcome to a variety of ways of living.

* believes in truth and openness (yeah, I know sometimes government needs to keep secrets, but I want my Democrat to take the opposite stance from Bush).

* believes a woman is not a slave to any man.

* promotes equality of law no matter the difference.

* recognizes the urgency of taking care of the environment and fosters clean business practices.

* is fiscally responsible, unwilling to saddle future generations with our extravagance.

* does not weigh down business with unnecessary burdens.

* recognizes that diplomacy is far superior to war.

* respects religion, allowing each to believe (or not) as they see fit.

* understands the Constitution and its balance of power and seeks to uphold it.

* understands the value and integrity of science, how science works, and what science can and cannot accomplish.

* understands we're all in this together.

* has strength to stand firm on his convictions.

Quiz question for today: How many of those traits listed above are Christian (referring to what Christ taught, not what the Right has twisted it into)?

The question was first stated at another website:

Senator Diane Feinstein of California broke from Democratic ranks and voted for A.G. Mukasey and bigoted judge Southwick. Over 34 thousand Democratic Californians are disgusted with her votes and wanted the California Democratic Party to censure Feinstein. Now they are disgusted with the party because the censure motion was never brought up at their meeting. This website allows you to send your own definition of a Democrat to Feinstein and the CDP. Warning: the autoreply email will ask for a donation.


One of the comments in the first link above has this idea:

The Neocons, who were instrumental to getting Bush elected and who drive at least his foreign policy have effectively equated learning from experience and changing ones mind to the heinous crime of flip-flopping. Is this why Bush can't admit to his mistakes in Iraq?

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