Thursday, April 21, 2011

The wedge is losing its edge

An intrepid reporter went to a Tea Party Tax Day event in New Hampshire and asked participants if gay marriage in that state has changed anything. Nope. What was heard was a lot of indifference to the issue.

Which got others thinking. There is lots of news about John Boehner hiring a legal firm to defend the Defense of Marriage Act as it goes through the courts, now that Obama and the DoJ won't. But in authorizing that contract (up to a half million), Boehner didn't ask the full house for a vote. That's because a bill to do that only got 93 sponsors. Which means 143 House GOP declined to sponsor it. It wasn't going to pass. So Boehner and the senior GOP in the House met with the senior Dems and authorized the expense on a party-line 3-2 vote.

What's going on? Essentially 143 GOP House members did not want to go on record as voting against gay marriage. The GOP has used gays and especially gay marriage as a rallying cry for a couple decades now. It is no longer working for them. So they are trying to quietly back away from the issue. Fortunately, the Dems are not letting them slink away from the issue without notice.

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