Sunday, May 8, 2011

Allowing bad behavior

The GOP held the government hostage over unemployment insurance last December and won tax cuts for the rich. They did the same using a threat of government shutdown over a budget deal and won spending cuts. They threaten to hold American solvency hostage over the debt ceiling. Allow bad behavior you get more bad behavior. If Obama doesn't demand a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling (one with no budget cuts or corporate giveaways) he is going to have a real hard time convincing the GOP he really means it when the tax cuts for the rich expire in two year. Obama says he won't allow those tax breaks to continue. Mean it? Start stiffening that spine now.

Yes, I really submitted the following letter to the White House. A similar letter went to both Michigan senators. I didn't bother with my representative because he is GOP.

Dear Mr. President,
In your recent, much praised, speech on the economy you said that you would not allow the Bush era tax cuts for the rich to be continued when they expire at the end of 2012. I agree with you.

But recent history doesn't look so good. The GOP essentially held unemployment benefits hostage last December, which prompted you to renew those cuts (to last until 2012). The GOP essentially held the budget hostage, demanding spending cuts to programs that help the neediest people, which they got. The GOP is threatening to hold the debt ceiling hostage, demanding more spending cuts.

Permit hostage taking, or show the GOP that hostage taking pays, and they'll do it again. Come the end of 2012 and the GOP will surely find something else to take hostage to get their tax cuts for the rich renewed (or made permanent).

You can stop that bad behavior now, so that by the end of 2012 the GOP knows you mean it. Demand a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling. Demand there are no spending cuts or corporate giveaways. Let the GOP blink first. Yes, the debt ceiling is serious. The GOP knows it too. Demand a clean bill, and hold to that demand, and the GOP's corporate backers will bring the House into line.

A voter

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