Saturday, January 2, 2016

Look elsewhere for secret sauce

So it gets problematic when one is invited to join the conversation as a stakeholder, especially when determining the price point of the secret sauce in hopes of breaking the internet. But that's better than having to walk it back during a presser. Though it is giving me life with great physicality.

Yeah, the Unicorn Hunters of Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan have published their annual list of words that should be banished for mis-use, over-use, and general uselessness. This year's list:

So, when used to start an answer to a question.

Conversation, which one is expected to join, replacing such useful words as discuss, debate, chat, argue, lecture, and talk.

Problematic, a corporate weasel word.

Stakeholder, which used to mean someone who actually had a stake in an issue but now means just about everyone.

Price point, a fancy and meaningless extension of "price."

Secret sauce, a corporate expression for something to boost business success, even outside the fast food industry.

Break the internet, an overused phrase implying lots of internet traffic.

Walk it back, a favorite phrase of pundits when a politician retracts a statement.

Presser, an annoying shorthand for press release or press conference.

Manspreading, a man (who else?) taking up too much space in public transportation.

Vape, a word to correspond to smoking when the subject is e-cigarettes, which emit a vapor.

Giving me life, which means a person finds something exciting.

Physicality, a word overused by sports writers.

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