Monday, February 22, 2016

Have to be people to fill those jobs

Another insight from Melissa McEwen of Shakesville – yeah, she's good at diving to the core of all manner of oppressions... A lot of the 1% and their current squawk-boxes running to be the GOP candidate for prez. talk a lot about how anyone, if they work hard, can rise to the middle class and perhaps above (we'll not get into studies that show how unlikely that is in America). What the 1% is telling the 99% is you can pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. McEwen responds:
And if you want to be the kind of person who doesn't pump your own gas, or make your own sandwiches, or clean your own house, or manicure your own fingernails, or drain your own dog's anal glands, or build your own car elevator, then there are going to have to be people who fill all those jobs.

People who honorably dedicate their time, energy, and talents to jobs that might not pay well are indeed entitled to something—to not work their whole lives only to find themselves poverty-stricken, or hungry, or homeless after one small (or not small) medical crisis. And if we're not going to ensure that every job comes with a livable wage, access to affordable healthcare, and retirement benefits, then we've got to provide a robust and well-funded social safety net.

I don't think that's asking for much, in exchange for a lifetime of providing service to their chosen vocation.

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