Monday, May 2, 2016

Travelogue – Art and more art

Wednesday, April 27

Cousin took me to the Metro station as she went to her job. It was a cool day with some rain. I wore my sweater and wished I had my jacket as well. I took the Metro to Foggy Bottom and walked to the Kennedy Center. I went on the tour. For most of it there were three of us, one being the guide. We did get into all three venues – the concert hall, the opera house, and the theater. The guide pointed out various pieces of art and lounge decor donated by this country or that. Various countries donated art in honor of John Kennedy. This is the mural made of wood in the Israel Lounge. You can see a bit of the painted mural on the ceiling. Most people don't see these lounges except on the tour. During events they are for donors.

I took the Kennedy Center shuttle back to Foggy Bottom for lunch. I then walked from I Street to Q Street to see the Phillips Collection. It's a museum of modern art that had been three adjacent houses. The special exhibit was “The Nature of Seeing” which was artwork of landscapes. There were several works of Impressionism, including a few by Monet. This one is titled Rio San Travanso of Venice, by Henri Edmond Cross.

From there I walked over a bridge across Rock Creek Park, a little ways into Georgetown. Then I walked past a lot of embassies along Massachusetts Ave. to Dupont Circle. I found a bookstore and a place serving organic burgers. It was only about 6:30, but I was tired, so got on the Metro back to Cousin's house. Because she had an evening appointment I walked from the station to her home.

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