Saturday, December 3, 2016

Golden strings

Want control of the nasty guy? It looks like his debt may soon be for sale. He owes Deutche Bank at least $364 million. Ladder Capitol bankrolled a lot of his property development and he owes them $282 million (including the mortgage on Trump Tower in Manhattan). For various reasons both Deutche Bank and Ladder Capitol may sell that debt. For a mere $646 million you could own the golden strings that would make the nasty guy dance to your tune. Alas, your strings might have to compete with the strings worth nearly a billion held by Bank of China.

A bit of buyer’s remorse? Teena Colebrook of Los Angeles voted for the nasty guy, expecting him to sweep aside the moneyed elites. Then the nasty guy picked Steven Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary. Colebrook knows about Mnuchin – he foreclosed on her two rental units she used as a primary source of income. Nasty guy’s populism is clashing against his Cabinet of billionaires.

Speaking of that Cabinet...
Hunter of Daily Kos has noticed three things about the people the nasty guy is assembling for his Cabinet.

* They are profoundly inexperienced, likely the least experienced in presidential history.

* They are opponents of the very duties they’re being asked to lead. An example is Betsy DeVos, champion of privatizing schools, as Secretary of Education.

* They are rich. The nasty guy’s Cabinet and administration could have a combined worth of $35 billion.

A bright spot… Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina, the guy who championed the nasty bathroom bill, is down by over 10,250 votes in his bid to be re-elected. That is significant because when the gap is over 10,000 the state won’t grant a recount request for the entire state. But McCrory hasn’t conceded yet. He still wants a recount of Durham County, which made his early election night lead disappear.

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