Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Mars / Venus thing

Still convinced misogyny and general ranking had nothing to do with last November’s election? Think about these two statistics side by side.

Nearly 80% of the more than 27 million people who follow the nasty guy on Twitter are men.

Of those calling Congress to resist the nasty guy’s agenda 86% are women.

The first sentence is from Polly Mosendz of Bloomberg Businessweek who got the data from content-analysis software. In addition, she found of the 10 most-engaged Twitter followers five are confirmed and three appear to be bots, programs that automatically generate Twitter support for the nasty guy.

The second sentence: Laura Moser founded Daily Action, a system based on text-messaging to suggest a daily civic action, such as calling a legislator to state opposition to a nasty guy policy or nominee. The subscribers make an average of 10,000 calls a day. Lake Research Partners polled these subscribers to get that percentage.

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