Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Step One -- UMC Judicial Council

Step one for equality at the United Methodist Church General Conference was in our favor! Most of the sitting conservatives on the Judicial Council (the denomination supreme court) were tossed out and replaced with a moderate slate nominated by the Council of Bishops. In the past the Bishops have, on key issues, declared they disagree with the JC. The Council had a 6-3 conservative majority. That has now been cut to 2-7. The question is whether the change is enough to make the JC liberal (oops, that's "progressive" now) or merely centrist.

This first article gives a short bio of each of the new JC members.

This second one contrasts the JC elections with the cell phone gift scandal perpetrated by the right.

The third is a reproduction of an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, which, alas, starts off with quotes from the IRD director Mark Tooley.

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