Thursday, April 15, 2010

Can you say cruel?

Constance McMillan of Fulton, Mississippi created a storm when she asked to bring her girlfriend to the senior prom and to be able to wear a tuxedo. The school canceled the prom (making McMillan the target of her fellow classmates) rather than agreeing to the request, and implied the parents are thus free to put on a prom and discriminate any way they want to. McMillan and the ACLU sued. The judge said McMillan's rights were violated, but canceling the prom was legal.

So the Fulton Country Club put on the prom. When McMillan and her date arrived it was clear the real prom was somewhere else and this one was for her and a bunch of other "loser" students, seven in all. At least nobody picked on them during their party.

Several students gloated on their Facebook pages on how they pulled one over on the queer. Why not? They had such fine examples in their parents and the town clergy. The kids were surprised at the internet blowback -- various gay people were very clear and pointed about how cruel the kids were.

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