Thursday, April 22, 2010

An improvement that isn't good and one that is

I've developed quite a backlog, so some topics I'll only touch on briefly.

Some conservative Christians no longer accuse gays of causing hurricanes or the end of Western Civilization, no longer shout at us, or no longer declare we're a menace to children. It's even cloaked in kind and gentle language, such as saying, "We're sinners too." While this is a vast improvement, it still isn't good. The problem is they still see homosexuality as a sin. They assume that gays share their beliefs about being gay, such as "homosexuality is acting out on ungodly temptation to sin."

These same Christians are surprised when we don't thank them for this insight. We're not gay because we do gay things. We're gay because we are inherently drawn romantically and sexually to people of the same sex. Christians respond by saying, "We say we're sinners too! What more do you want?"

We want you to acknowledge it isn't a choice, it isn't a sin, we aren't required to a life of celibacy, and our loves are as vital as yours. That's how you can be tolerant, accepting, and compassionate.

Cool! The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) has abolished all of its anti-gay policies, effective immediately. This includes reinstating pastors who were fired for being gay. All of the votes were overwhelmingly in favor and there were no drawn out public battles where each side tried to depict the other as sub-human. Now for the rest of the mainline denominations…

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  1. oooh! Did you see this? Jennifer Knapp, a Christian Rock artist, confirmed that she's in a same sex relationship and has been for years. How about that!