Thursday, October 7, 2010

The global internet

In June Blogger, the company that hosts this blog, started keeping statistics of how many people look at my blog, what pages they view, and where they live. Recently, they've completed the gadgets to allow me to look at the data. I've added a couple to my home page: number of views since June and the individual postings most viewed.

Quite interesting to me is where these people live. In just the last week I've had visitors from South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Australia, and Israel. These are listed in order of view count. Since June there have been lots of views from USA, South Korea, Brazil, Germany, China, Britain, Canada, Kazakhstan, Japan, and Malaysia.

The Traffic Sources page suggests some of those views in the last week came from web searches, which makes me think visitors were directed to my blog even though they were searching from something else. Since June a lot of traffic to my blog was from blogger Terrence Heath referencing my work.

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