Sunday, November 28, 2010

I liked the campaign better than the book

James Kloppenberg, a history professor at Harvard who has studied Obama and his books, wrote an essay for Newsweek. This appears to support my friend and debate partner's idea that Obama is governing from the left of center. Kloppenberg says that Obama is doing exactly what he said he would do in the two books he wrote before the run for president. Obama is neither following the dictates of party dogma (as the GOP accuses him of doing) nor is he a spineless wimp for not fulfilling the dreams of progressives (we'll see about that). Perhaps progressives took his campaign, rather than his books, at face value (what a thought!). Obama's method of operation is to understand his opponents, rather than simply demonizing them (something I appreciate), and that his decisions be based on evidence, not party platform (another trait I appreciate). Alas (from my point of view), Obama's admirable traits have hit up against the GOP rigid doctrine, united front, and insistence they be the ones in power. And Obama hasn't figured out how to overcome that yet. I get the impression he's going to be flattened by the new Congress.

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