Sunday, January 16, 2011

All wet

After an 11 day adventure (originally scheduled to be 3 and revised to 7) I was able to take a shower in my own house today. The contractor finished major work on Friday and sprayed on grout sealant on Saturday. It's done.

I did take two showers in the "Wellness Center" (what I would have called a fitness center) at the college on days that I taught. I took advantage of the walking track while there. The first shower was cold because I was the first one to use the showers that day and it seems the water heater is in the next building. It warmed up by the time I needed to rinse off. As I prepared for the second I turned on 3 showerheads, then undressed. It was warm enough by the time I needed it.

Some of the delay in the work was because my house is so humid the tile adhesive took days to dry. I have a humidifier on my furnace for winter use, but the humidity has been so high the humidifier hasn't bothered to turn on over the last two winters. I don't know the source of all that moisture and suspect it might have been the previously insufficient bathroom fan. I'll see if it drops now that a new fan is working.

The new low flow showerhead is in place. I found the flow is so low it seems to be not much better than drooling on me. Rinsing off took a lot longer. I'm glad my previous low flow showerhead didn't get thrown out. It was much better and will likely get reinstalled soon.

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