Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm tired of being the punching bag

The GOP swept both houses of the New Hampshire legislature last November. They are already crafting bills to repeal the NH gay marriage law. The Dem governor will veto any such bill. The question then is how moderate are these NH legislators and are there enough of them to prevent a veto override?

How much of the Calif. gay marriage case be applicable to New Hampshire?

National gay rights organizations didn't do much to prevent 3 justices from being tossed in Iowa and don't seem to be gearing up to help out New Hampshire. The statewide groups are gearing up, but are no match for the heavily funded steamroller of the National Organization for Marriage, who (no doubt) helped get a number of GOP legislators elected and are waiting for their payback.

Please. We aren't a threat to you. Leave us alone.

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