Monday, August 13, 2012

Covering the news, not being the news

Well, of course, your news source said that. There's a liberal bias in the media.

We've been hearing phrases like that for a couple years now. Fox News claims they exist to counteract that bias, keep things "fair and balanced."

Ron Dzwonkowski, in an opinion piece in yesterday's Sunday Free Press, discusses analysis done by the research group 4th Estate. They created a software program that categorizes news reports and searches for bias. They fed that program everything from 35 publications (including the Freep), 13 TV shows on 5 networks, and NPR. They did this from May 1 to July 15.

Findings include:

GOP voices are quoted 44% more than Dem voices.

While both Romney and Obama are show with about the same amount of positive coverage, 29% of the time the coverage on Romney was negative and 37% of the time the coverage on Obama was negative.

In the most discussed issue, the economy, Romney's coverage was 12% positive and 25% negative. Obama's coverage was 17% positive and 45% negative.

Liberal bias? You decide.

4th Estate is hoping to be recognized as neutral and data driven, so that everyone can accurately assess how well the media is doing its job of reporting the news and not be the news. They know it will take time.

Alas, we know what the GOP thinks of data.

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