Friday, August 17, 2012

It's all because I'm labeled has hateful

I went north on a two-day jaunt to hear the Bay View Week of Handbells perform one of my arrangements, this one of a piece by Maurice Ravel. The 100 ringers did a fine job. It was cool to meet a few of the ringers before the concert (still a few familiar faces from when I used to take part in the Week several years ago). And way cool to listen to ringers come up to me and tell me how much they liked the piece.

On to today's topic.

A couple days ago a gay man went to the headquarters of the Family Research Council, pulled out a gun, and started shooting. Fortunately, the only one injured was a security guard, and I hear his wound was in the arm.

41 gay advocacy groups have condemned the shooting. "We reject and condemn such violence."

The FRC has been labeled by the SPLC as a hate group for demonizing gay people and using material known to be false (such as distorting research over the objections of the researcher) to do so.

Tony Perkins, head of FRC, is claiming that the shooter attacked his organization because of the SPLC label. Gay groups aren't buying it. Here's a long list of things that Tony Perkins has said and any of those are much more inflammatory than anything the SPLC could say. An example:
The truth is that we cannot redefine marriage without opening the door to all manner of moral and social evil.

They are intolerant. They are hateful. They are vile. They are spiteful...pawns of the enemy.

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