Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Need more scientists!

Richard Harris did a report on NPR about scientists who can't get funding – traditional sources, especially gov't, have dried up – and so are dropping out of doing science. That left me with a big question. Aren't lots of people supposedly in the know shouting for students to go into STEM subjects? The "S" in that acronym stands for science. So why so much shouting about studying science when scientists can't get their research funded?

Between the Lines, Michigan's gay newspaper, has already endorsed Dem Mark Schauer to replace GOP Rick Snyder for governor of Michigan. Of course, the choice – even if only in terms of policies towards sexual minorities – has been glaringly obvious for months.

Michigan state Dem lawmakers have introduced bills to put sexual minorities into the state's civil rights law beside race and other protected classes. This is not the first time such bills have been introduced. Both houses of the state legislature are controlled by the GOP and their spokesman repeated the line that protections are needed for those with a religious objection to homosexuality.

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