Friday, October 23, 2015

11 hour circus

Hillary went before the House committee on Benghazi about what went wrong such that the ambassador and a few aides were killed. General consensus of the 11 hour circus: Hillary won. The way she handled these clowns showed she could handle the presidency. As Melissa McEwen of Shakesville put it:
Honest to Maude, if the Republicans had tried to conceive of a way to help Clinton's campaign, they couldn't have done any better than giving her an extended platform on which to present herself as one of nation's best politicians and statespeople, while they hammered away at her in a petty, partisan attack.
The Republicans on the panel were so bad and Hillary was so good there were reports of Republican voters saying Hillary got their vote.

Another indication of her success came during the hour just after the debate in which her campaign had its best hour of online fundraising – and that's without an explicit ask.

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