Friday, October 23, 2015

Questioning fitness

Pope Francis convened a Synod so that about 270 Catholic bishops from around the world could talk about issues that face the family. A couple issues in particular: Should a person who has divorced and remarried be allowed to receive Communion? Should the welcome of gay people be expanded by no longer calling them "intrinsically disordered"?

Yes, Francis raised the questions. The conservative backlash has been so strong they are now questioning whether Francis is fit to be pope (similar to Obama and the birthers).

The pope now has three options, none good. He could issue decrees that implement what he wants. But that could raise the wrath of the conservatives (similar to Obama and his executive orders). He could call for more debate. If so, he would fall short of progressive hopes and disappoint his fans. He could endorse the Synod's conservative recommendations. If so his popularity in world opinion might collapse, though his popularity among Catholics might rise.

Not much difference in the conservative – progressive tussle whether it is in the halls of the American Congress or the halls of the Vatican.

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