Friday, August 19, 2016

International bells

I went onto YouTube this afternoon looking for performances of music I might buy for my church bell choir. Along the way I found the video of the final concert of the International Handbell Symposium I was a part of just a few weeks ago in Vancouver. It was posted just yesterday. From the video you can see the size of the ringing floor – I've heard 650 to 750 for the number of ringers. I doubt you can see me (though I haven't watched the whole video) because I was way on the conductor's right about two-thirds of the way to the back. The video includes narration for each piece in English and Japanese and they left the cameras running between pieces. My favorites (in case you don't want to watch the whole hour-45 minutes) are Spring Sea, Deep River, and Hishuk Ish Tsawalk. Also in the concert are the Youth Track and the Festival Choir (those who would rather ring than attend classes).

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