Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The system is rigged!

It seem Trump is already claiming that if he doesn't win it is because the voting system is rigged against him. Some thoughts:

* Yes, the voting system is rigged – by the GOP in support of GOP candidates. That's what gerrymandering and Voter ID laws are all about. Thankfully, several voter ID laws were just struck down – see below.

* Yes, many GOP candidates who lost complain about a rigged system. Usually they have the decency to wait until after the election.

* Trump appears to be building on an idea that Bernie Sanders pushed in the primaries. Thanks, Bernie!

* Starting to complain in August that the system is rigged against him is profoundly damaging to democracy in America. He is claiming democracy doesn't work. And there are lots of forces, most of them corporate, who are pushing that same line.

Georgia Logothetis of Daily Kos summarizes the rulings that invalidated various parts of Voter ID laws in Kansas, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. In addition, straight-party voting was restored in Michigan. Summary: The laws are discriminatory, which outweighs their use in protecting against voter fraud. Next up on the GOP agenda: purging voter rolls.

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