Saturday, January 28, 2017

Policy? What policy?

Melissa McEwen warns us again about Mike Pence. She says his fingerprints are all over the reinstating the Global Gag Rule – agencies doing overseas work and accepting gov’t money may not mention the possibly of abortion. This is a policy reinstated or rescinded every time the White House switches parties.

McEwen discusses a bit of why Pence is wielding so much power:
To be clear: I am not suggesting that Trump is stupid. I am observing, based on Trump's own comments, that he doesn't care about policy; that he is willfully ignorant about an enormous amount of policy because to be well-versed in it serves no purpose to him, as it does not cater to his grandiose ego and would steal time from the things that do.
Personally saving jobs (or taking credit for doing so) at an Indiana factory feeds the nasty guy’s ego – “I saved your job!” Details of abortion policy, not so much. Which is why Pence was given so much power. And Pence is delighted to wield all this power under the cover of the nasty guy’s bluster.

A question, then: Dan Savage is already calling for impeachment, something he didn’t do until the second year of the second term of Bush II. If we impeach the nasty guy will Pence have the same despotic tendencies? Or will he be content to implement extreme right policies without destroying democracy? Is there is difference?

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