Friday, January 20, 2017

Swiped jobs

There was a big event today. I carefully ignored it, even turning off hourly Canadian news reports (a perk of living in Detroit is we can get the national Canadian radio system). This afternoon I went off to a movie – Moana, quite enjoyable. The only news of the event that I heard was at 6:30 this evening during the beginning of NPR’ s economic news program Marketplace. And that was plenty.

In the bit I heard the nasty guy talked about how all the jobs have fled overseas and he was going to bring them back. That made it sound like China came here and swiped jobs. While China’s labor costs were indeed a factor, it was American corporate leaders – such as the fat cats in the nasty guy’s cabinet – who actually terminated jobs here and created them there. And they did it for their own pockets.

Another little segment on the show was a small business owner saying the cost of health insurance has recently been larger than his profits. He’s looking for relief from the Affordable Care Act. To me this sounds like a great reason to question why health insurance is coupled to employment. It is time for universal health insurance, otherwise known as Medicare for all.

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