Thursday, March 9, 2017

School choice for a black man

From a week ago, at the end of Black History Month: The nasty guy met with presidents of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. From what I’ve heard of the visit the schedule was fudged so that the nasty guy got a photo op out of it (see who is supporting me!) and no actual discussion happened.

The visit prompted Betsy DeVos to make a statement about how these colleges represent her dream of school choice.

Melissa McEwan of Shakesville puts that into perspective:
When black Mississippian James Meredith chose the “option” of enrolling at the University of Mississippi in 1962, a massive white mob formed on the campus; two people were shot to death and hundreds injured in the ensuing battle/riot, during which federal marshals came under heavy gunfire, requiring the ultimate intervention of 20,000 U.S. soldiers and thousands more National Guardsmen.
School choice? Not for Meredith.

McEwan quotes Carlton Waterhouse, law professor at Indiana University:
Busing, magnet schools, theme schools, home schooling and now vouchers and charter schools have largely been embraced because so many white parents find educational environments with too many African-American and Latino students unsuitable for their children. This unspoken belief that African-American and Latino children threaten the moral and intellectual development of other children has a strong emotional power that drives public education in America.
DeVos is “praising” the HCBUs as she is pushing policies to further segregate our schools, so that white parents have the choice of not educating their children with black children. And the choices of black parents?

McEwan links to an article by Jeremy Herb and Bryan Bender of Politico saying the nasty guy will fund his efforts of hiring lots more ICE agents to deport all those illegal immigrants by making deep cuts to the Coast Guard and airport and rail security. This defies logic when the nasty guy speaks of safety in every other breath. McEwan notes: “That's because the objective isn't actually safety. It's white supremacy.”

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