Saturday, May 20, 2017

Slight thawing

Last Monday the NPR program The 1A did an hour on the slight thawing of Evangelical Christian Churches towards LGBTQ people. There are now hints of openness, of pastors who changed their stance, of LGBT people urging their own congregation to change, of people willing to risk a little to talk about the issue. I listened, but didn’t hear any new thoughts or ideas to share with you. Even so, it is worth mentioning the thaw is taking place and that NPR thought it worth devoting some time to it.

Also at the link is the results of a survey showing differences in the way Millennial Evangelical Protestants think compared to their elders. There are big differences over some questions, but they’re still not very progressive. Only 45% of the Millennials are in favor of same-sex marriage, though that is far better than their elders, of whom only 23% are in favor. The country in general is in favor by about 65%.

From a week ago: In response to the nasty guy firing of FBI Director James Comey Democrats called for an independent prosecutor. Majority Leader McConnell said that would slow down the work being done in Senate and House committees and rejected the idea. So Dems are slowing down the whole Senate. There are numerous rules about Senate procedures. Many times senators will request unanimous consent so that procedures can be expedited. Dems are no longer giving that consent. Every last little procedure must now be followed, a slow process.

I haven’t heard if the appointment of a special prosecutor was enough for Dems to pick up the speed.

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