Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The con man and the mark

Con men frequently use an effective tactic: convince the mark they have the inside track of a con being played on someone else. See that guy over there? You can help me fleece him. Only later might the assistant realize he was the target.

Some people are now proposing that this scenario is playing out with Putin as the con man and the nasty guy as the mark.


Melissa McEwan of Shakesville notes that since the end of WWII – that’s seventy years – the Soviets and their Russian successors have had a top objective: Bust up the relationship between America and Germany. Only the two together, with their military might and democratic and cultural influence, could stand up to Russia. Throughout this time Russia has had aspirations of empire, especially after they lost their satellites in 1989-91. Russia wants to dominate again. They’ve annexed Crimea and have moved against Ukraine.

Within 130 days of taking office the nasty guy completed the objective. In a trip to Europe (as well as before and since) he repeatedly made belligerent statements against Germany. That prompted Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany and de facto leader of Europe, to say Europe must look out for itself (because it can no longer depend on America).

Within 130 days the nasty guy has accomplished a top, long-term Russian objective. Tell me again he isn’t compromised. Also tell me whether he has the slightest clue about the consequences of his actions.

Sure would be nice to have Hillary Clinton back as Secretary of State to clean up this mess.

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