Friday, January 29, 2010

Meticulous and complete

Some of those who witnessed the Calif. trial fielded questions from interested parties about related issues and what the chances are before the Supremes. Some of the comments:

* One big reason why the anti-gay side had so much trouble with its witnesses is that credible scholars no longer support the arguments of the anti-gay side.

* The Supremes could rule narrowly, affecting only Calif. because it had legal gay marriage for a while and the voters took it away. Even if Calif. voters change their minds before this case gets to the Supremes, there is a huge amount of information in the transcripts and evidence that people will be mining for years.

* The anti-gay side is, of course, trumpeting how unfairly they have been treated in the trial to hide that their side has such a weak case. Besides, they claim, the case only touches on legal issues, not ethical ones.

* The pro-gay side has been so meticulous and complete in preparing the case it will be impossible for the Supremes to rule against gays without torching the constitution. Alas, we've recently seen they are willing to do that.

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