Sunday, January 17, 2010

One for my debate partner

I've been sitting on a response from my friend and debate partner. I'll claim my excuse has been a lack of time to tend to this blog.

My debate partner lives up to his name in response to my posting about the Berkeley, Calif. schools and their attempts to help their minority students by eliminating the science department. I'll let him tell it:
The site you reference for the posting below only says science labs are being considered for elimination, not all science classes or the whole dept. But I doubt the Berkeley story is true. The post you reference is from Monday and the story failed to make national news in a week of very little news. In an age of fundie attacks on science, this news from liberal Berkeley would be a national story. Maybe its fundie propaganda.

My efforts to Google and raise a Berkeley public schools web site failed -- maybe their computers are shut down while school is out for the holidays.

As an indication of how long I've been sitting on this one, the holiday mentioned was New Year. In addition, I apologize for the error in my reporting and thank my debate partner for delving into the accuracy of my source.

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