Saturday, May 1, 2010

Be careful with your justification

Let's see. If a woman (well, any person) signs a petition calling down bad things on gay people she has a right to privacy. If a woman is pregnant and considering abortion she doesn't have a right to privacy. But consistent logic isn't our opponent's strong suit.

If petition organizers demand the signers of their documents be kept private because gay people are so scary and intimidating, then when privacy can't be maintained because of court order future petitions won't gather enough signatures. Because of this bit of logic (it does occasionally sink in) the folks in Washington state who were before the Supremes last week to protect privacy are now keeping very quiet.

That hasn't stopped a national organization Concerned Women for America from taking up the cry about the scary gays, but with a twist. Yeah, gays are scary and intimidating, but we have a just cause and you should, in the same manner that John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence, be willing to sign petitions and be a martyr over it if it comes to that. We're happy those scary gays haven't committed murder yet, but we'll be ready to stand up to them if they do.

Ah, what's a little fear-mongering between friends?

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