Monday, June 21, 2010

A bit of Pride here and there

I leave early Wednesday morning to fly to Oakland, CA. I'll be staying several days with my niece in Berkeley and exploring the area. We plan to see the San Francisco Pride parade on Sunday. I then will rent a car to spend two nights in Yosemite (in a canvas sided cabin) and two more in a lodge at Kings Canyon. I'll be back late on the evening of July 3rd. Within a few days after that I should be able to tell you about it.

The Colbert Report takes a look at the consequences of the study that showed kids of lesbians do better in some areas than kids of straight parents.

Not only does Charlie Baker, the GOP candidate for Gov. in Mass., have a gay running mate, he marched in the Boston Pride Parade. Deval Patrick, the Dem candidate did too, but we are to the point where we expect that. Well, yeah, it is Massachusetts. What's interesting is how uninteresting it is. No comment from state and national GOP leaders, not even from Alabama and Oklahoma. Rush and Newt aren't frothing. The only group raising a stink -- not that anyone is paying attention -- is the organization that has been fighting to repeal the gay marriage law.

The Con Edison tower in Manhattan has a cupola with lights inside. For NYC Pride they set it up so the lights show the rainbow colors of the pride flag and the colors circle the cupola. Here's a sped up look at it, all of a half-minute.

The Gulf oil spill is quite visible from space satellites. We've known for some time now that BP has been lowballing the amount of oil spewing forth. The reason is simple -- they pay fines according to the amount of oil that escapes into the environment. Now the New York Times reports that an internal BP document estimates the spill rate to be 20 times larger than BP had been saying -- 100K barrels or 4.2 million gallons a day.

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