Tuesday, June 15, 2010

That military survey is biased

There is now an online survey to gather comments from military personnel about the gay ban. One needs a military ID to access it. Fundies in the military can comment all they want about the gay ban. Gays in the military cannot without exposing themselves to dismissal. And nobody is asking gay spouses for input the way they're talking to soldier's wives and husbands.

Finland! Their gay marriage bill passed unanimously.

I've seen the statue known as the "Touchdown Jesus" along I-75 south of Dayton. Hard to miss, actually. But not anymore. The statue, made of Styrofoam, wood, resin, and steel, was struck by lightning last night and burned. Was this an Act of God? Many who were fond of the statue think so. If so, what message way God trying to convey? Um… Insufficiently anti-gay? An odd way of saying so. Condemnation of their ex-gay ministry? God striking down an idol? Or is the message simply that one shouldn't create statues out of flammable materials without installing a lightning rod?

The giant sign on the other side of the highway for the Hustler Hollywood adult bookstore is still intact.

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