Sunday, April 13, 2014

We don't discriminate

I reported last week that Mississippi did indeed pass a license to discriminate law similar to the one vetoed in Arizona. The governor promptly signed it. Yep, Jim Crow is back but for gays instead of blacks. No, the term is not an exaggeration. There was a time when blacks had to be very careful in planning travel to make sure there were restaurants and hotels that would accommodate them. David Mixner says the same is true for us today, at least in Mississippi. Of course, there are gay people who live in the state who may have to make those calculations just to get across town (or when hiring a plumber) and do it every day.

No, I'm not heading to the South for my vacation this year. New England is much more deserving of my vacation dollars.

Fortunately, for gays that will have to put up with this every day there is a new campaign to pass out signs to be posted in store and restaurant windows that say, "We don't discriminate." There is a real cost here -- Fundies might boycott such businesses.

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