Thursday, November 6, 2014

Little to say

I have very little to say about the election results. First is this cartoon by Mike Thompson of the Detroit Free Press which sums up my views (it is about the Koch brothers, you may have to click on the little image in the corner). It ran in last Sunday's edition. There is also Jon Stewart's fine (and crude) summary.

Ari Ezra Waldman of Towleroad wrote that gay rights have gone from a Democratic problem (2004) to a Democratic gain (2012) to nothing at all.

If I see a post of how sexual minority candidates and issues fared (current indication: not well), I may tell you about it.

There is, however, one race to mention now. Gary Glenn, head of the American Family Association of Michigan, author of Michigan's 2004 Marriage Protection Amendment, and scourge of sexual minorities and our issues, has, alas, won his seat to the Michigan House, where he will continue to demonize with ready access to fellow lawmakers.

On to another topic.

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