Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our system isn't working

I wrote about my complaint of the Detroit Free Press and its endorsement of incumbent GOP Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder. That endorsement prompted a response from Jack Lessenberry, political analyst for Michigan Radio. Lessenberry notes the Freep didn't like Snyder's record on the environment, education and transparency. Then he wrote:
Harsh words. But now here’s the shocking part: The newspaper then endorsed Snyder’s reelection!

They did this because they said in spite of all that, the governor had shown leadership skills, and felt Democrat Mark Schauer had failed to show he could lead anywhere.

What the paper is saying, whether it realizes it or not, is that our system just isn't working.

What’s most stunning about that is not who the newspaper is supporting. Anyone reading their full endorsement article might be more inclined to apply for asylum in Canada than vote at all. What the paper is saying, whether it realizes it or not, is that our system just isn’t working. Not for you; not for me. Not for our state.

And that may just be the biggest story of all.
Lessenberry comments on the cost of running for office, and says:
So, how can normal, decent, non-wealthy people run for office without selling their souls to special interests?

Increasingly they can’t, and don’t.
He concludes by saying:
Eight days from now, we’ll have a national election in which a majority of those eligible to vote won’t even bother.

History has many examples of societies where citizens felt helpless before a system they felt powerless to change.

Usually, what eventually happens isn’t pretty.

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