Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cultivated toxins

I wrote a few days ago that Donald Trump is saying what the other GOP candidates for president believe but are trying real hard to not say. Timothy Egan, writing for the Opinion Pages of the New York Times, expands on that idea.

Trump dismissed John McCain as a war hero, something about he likes his heroes to not get caught. Jeb Bush was quick to respond by saying, "All of our veterans, particularly P.O.W.s, deserve our respect and admiration." So where was that respect and admiration when John Kerry, a decorated Navy veteran, was smeared in a multimillion-dollar effort that put Jeb's brother back in the White House?

Egan's point: The racism and other toxic elements have been brewing in the GOP for more than a decade (I think it has been much longer than that – it was Nixon who pushed the Southern Strategy). When Republicans used it against Democrats it was just fine. But Trump, appealing to the GOP base others have cultivated with these toxins, is now using it against fellow Republicans.

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