Friday, July 31, 2015

Not a fear of gays

Some quotes from the week.

Nat Baimel summarizes homophobia this way:
Homophobia isn't a fear of gays. It's a fear you may BE gay.
The rest of his discussion is cute.

Imani Gandy on the latest Planned Parenthood fake scandal:
When it comes to advocating for policies that would actually support Black women and help them raise healthy children, far too many anti-choice activists are silent. But when it comes to using Black women as a cudgel to make a point about the evils of abortion and Planned Parenthood, it's damn near impossible to shut these activists up.

And an update. I had written that the lawyers in Michigan's same-sex marriage case asked the state for nearly $2 million in fees, since they won and the state lost. My friend and debate partner offers some clarification.
I've never heard that the winner in any civil lawsuit can file (essentially, sue the loser) for reimbursement of legal costs. But that is true in civil rights and civil liberties cases (and perhaps some others; I wouldn't know). The federal court where the original suit was argued decides how much to award (and that decision can be appealed).

Two pro-democracy reasons justify this practice:
(1) the winner was entitled to her / his rights or liberties; the loser (usually a government entity) should pay for denying those rights and putting the winner through so much effort and expense to obtain her / his rights; AND
(2) to give Powers (usually government) reason and incentive to respect the rights of the less powerful (me and you).

In this huge marriage equality case, the winners can indeed sue for reimbursement of legal fees and anyone could foresee a big bill.

Let us notice that we Michigan taxpayers get to pay TWICE -- for our Attorney General's spending on legal services to defend the indefensible AND for the winner's legal costs. All because our AG chose to fight to the end where other attorneys general around the country chose more wisely.

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