Saturday, August 1, 2015

Inherently violent

Melissa McEwen of Shakesville wrote a post yesterday about the current Planned Parenthood fake scandal. This mess prompted Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to order an investigation of Planned Parenthood facilities in the state. The investigation, of course, found nothing illegal. McEwen says the goal of the investigation was always intimidation.

McEwen went on to say the anti-choice movement has an inherently violent ideology. With a statement like that I have to follow the link. In this second post from 18 months ago McEwen quotes an anti-choice crusader:
But abortion doesn't unrape a woman. An abortion just adds more violence on top of the first she endured.
McEwen and her commenters have at it. Yes, an abortion does not "unrape" a woman. But it does "un-pregnant" her. And that frees her from the violence aimed at her consent, the difficulties and disruption of a nine month pregnancy, and the pain and danger of childbirth. Both the rapist and the legislator grab control of her body without her consent. A forced pregnancy is violence, much more so than the abortion.

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