Saturday, August 22, 2015

Situation update

Yes, I haven't written since Monday. Part of the reason is I haven't encountered any news that prompts me to write. Part of it is I haven't felt like writing.

And part of it is the family situation is getting critical. We're contemplating hospice for my Dad. He had a round of chemo in early May and a second in late May-early June. Both rounds sent him back to the hospital, the second one to the acute care floor. He's endured pneumonia, chicken pox (really), and a few other infections because the cancer has destroyed his immune system. The cancer damaged his kidneys, so he is on dialysis. The chemo has damaged the nerves of his fingers, his taste buds, and swallow reflex, so he has a feeding tube. Lately he has been so lethargic he can't carry on a conversation.

In all this I and my brothers are considering what to do with Mom. She has Alzheimer's and is needing more care than my sister can provide. After the memorial service should one brother or the other take her in?

So, yeah, I haven't felt like writing.

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