Monday, July 18, 2016

Pain level = tiny

Windows 10 has now been out for almost a year. And all that time it has bugged me to upgrade. A couple months ago I heard that the free upgrade would end on July 29, when I'll be traveling. If I'm to upgrade (for free) I would have to do it today.

In the last few months I had heard from users of my music editing program, a major factor in my choice of computer tools. Compatibility of this program is a big concern of mine because the version I'm using is no longer supported and other users aren't big fans of the latest version (which came out 3 years ago). These friends said that an upgrade should not interfere with the operation of that program. The upgrade verification tool said the same thing.

So today I did a backup (yikes! it had been a year (one day short) since my last backup). Then I clicked on the update icon and let it do its thing.

Thankfully, Windows 10 is about the same. Yes, things look a bit different – and I have a taskbar at the bottom edge of both screens – but otherwise things seem pretty much the same. The music program works, and the image I use for background is still there. This had a whole lot less pain than building this system two years ago.

I'm assured that if I don't like it I can go back to Windows 7 if I do so within 30 days.

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