Thursday, July 14, 2016

They're not going

The GOP has been working on their party platform. Yeah, it is as nasty as one would expect. It is more conservative than the 2012 platform – talk of "traditional" family structure, reinstituting the ban on women in combat, describing coal as "clean," declaring porn as a "public health crisis" (not guns?), adding more disapprovals of LGBT people, encouraging teaching the Bible in schools, and demanding that lawmakers be guided by religion. It seems in their efforts to prevent Islamic Sharia law in America they want to institute the Christian equivalent. And don't forget Trump's wall.

Four years ago Wall Street went to the GOP convention and schmoozed, putting perhaps $60 million into Romney's campaign. This year? They're not going.

They Anglican Church of Canada voted whether to allow same-sex marriage. The process required two-thirds approval by each of lay, clergy, and bishops. The clergy category missed getting enough by one vote. Because it was so close delegates asked for a hard copy of the voting records. One clergy vote was counted in the wrong category. So they got their two-thirds! The resolution in favor of same-sex marriage passed.

Twitter user Buxy tweeted:
I've been waiting for Obama to take my gun for 7 years and all I got was health insurance, marriage equality, a job and cleaner energy.

With all the terrorist bombings around the world getting lots of attention someone decided to present a different perspective. Follow the link to a map showing all the car bomb explosions in Baghdad since the USA invaded in 2003.

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