Friday, July 1, 2016

Straight pride

As we ended LGBT Pride month there again came a call for Straight Pride events. I've heard two great responses. (1) Straight Pride? That gets celebrated every day! (2) Straight people should be thankful they don't need one.

The Gay Times UK explains that second response:
Pride month is the time we, and our LGBT allies, come together to celebrate diversity, community and unity in the face of oppression and hatred. In the wake of events like Orlando, ‘religious freedom’ laws being passed in the US and countries around the world still punishing homosexuality with the death penalty, Pride month is just as important as it ever was.
Commenter gldstndrd wrote:
dear 'straight pride' people: i'll trade you. you can have the damn parade, and i'll be safe, accepted in society, and have my basic human rights given to me without question.
Commenter JT:
Breaking News: You're not being oppressed when another group gains rights you've always had!
Commenter Rebecca Gardner adds:
Straight people worry about sharing a bathroom. Queer people worry about being murdered for existing.
april lavalle suggests that one can see a straight pride parade at every Trump rally.

In other Pride news, Hillary Clinton marched in the NYC Pride Parade, the first nominee for prez. to do so.

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