Friday, September 23, 2016

Blocked budget

The Senate has to do its part to pass a government spending bill by Friday of next week or the gov't will shut down. They're expected to manage only enough spending to last until December – so we'll do this again after the election. The GOP is ready to fund aid to Baton Rouge to help after their floods. Funding to help with Zika without also dinging Planned Parenthood has been resolved. So what's the hold-up?


Democrats are insisting that the bill include money to help Flint with its water crisis. Republicans? Not so much. Gosh, it wouldn't be because of the kinds of people who live in Flint, would it? Or maybe it is because of how Flint tends to vote compared to how Baton Rouge tends to vote?

The GOP keeps proposing versions of the bill they know will annoy the Dems. And one of those annoyances is the Flint money is financed by cutting the budget elsewhere while the Baton Rouge money will be added to the national debt – an idea usually forbidden by the GOP.

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