Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Progress ... some

I got my computer back late afternoon yesterday. It now has Windows 7 installed. I began rebuilding it last night. I can do basic things, but I'm not back to full use yet.

One issue is Firefox. The tech guy saved the AppData folders (twice!) but the folder for Firefox is way too small. I can't find browser tabs and bookmarks. I haven't used many of the bookmarks in perhaps two years, so I might be able to get them off the previous computer. But browser tabs are probably lost. This is where I tended to keep stuff I didn't yet have time to read or I eventually wanted to blog about. I suppose if I haven't yet losing them doesn't make a difference.

The big issue is email. I haven't yet gotten my email program, Windows Live Mail, to load in my contacts or to load in my saved email from this computer and the one before it. Part of the problem is WLM expects to import things from specific places (which remain a mystery) and it doesn't offer the option to indicate files in some other place.

I haven't yet tried to install my music program. This one could be a problem. After that come audio editors, image editors, and the genealogy database program.

Regular cultural commentary will resume ... eventually.

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