Saturday, September 17, 2016

One year

I've debated a bit whether I should say something or not. I decided it is important and that I should.

My father died a year ago today.

I thought about that several times today though I went about my regular tasks without tears.

Perhaps I should say a few things about the last year. Though I've made a great deal of progress I am still cleaning out Dad's house. The latest is trying to find all documents that should be shredded so that my sister can take them to a free shred day at her credit union sometime next month. I've completed a few projects at the house – electrical work and air conditioner – with several more to go. The current project is to redo the front walk where several slabs have been lifted by tree roots.

Mom is in a facility for Alzheimer's patients near my brother outside of Pittsburgh. He is able to visit her most days. When he appears she thinks he is her husband ready to take her home. She is annoyed again when he leaves without her.

The estate finances are in order. Bills, especially for Mom's care, are paid. Some of the money is invested conservatively at a very small interest rate. It looks like it will last for several years. I have control of all but one of the investments and that one is quite small. Closing one particular bank account was a six-month effort (I sent them a letter listing their eight customer service errors).

The nearby family is much smaller. Thanksgiving and Christmas last year were small, quiet days (my Texas brother said, "We had 40 people over for Thanksgiving and had two turkeys." I replied, "There were three of us and one drumstick was plenty."). I don't see much difference in that this year.

Every year my church holds a Longest Night service. Other churches call it a Blue Christmas service, one for those facing loss. I went last year and already have it on my calendar for this year.

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