Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Julius Caesar

My friend and debate partner sent me a link to an article by Maureen Dowd for the New York Times of the golden lining of the reign of Donald the First. Some of them:

* More Americans have come to appreciate Obamacare.

*More Millennials are showing interest in running for office.

* Ratings for Saturday Night Live get a boost every time the nasty guy tweets about them.

* There is high interest in and discussions about Senate hearings for cabinet positions.

* Because he lies so much we are on alert for alternative facts.

* We are ready and willing to protest any curtailment of women’s rights.

* The Museum of Modern Art added a display of art from Iran, Iraq, and Sudan.

* Shakespeare in the Park will start its season with “Julius Caesar,” about a populist seeking absolute power.

Institutions designed to check a president’s power and expose his scandals — from the courts to the comics to the press — are all at Defcon 1 except for the Republican Congress, which seems to be deaf.

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