Saturday, February 11, 2017


Melissa McEwan of Shakesville notes that the nasty guy, as is routinely done by abusers, justifies his abuse by saying he needs to do it to “protect” America. To McEwan it is, of course, obvious that what is meant by “America” is straight, non-trans, able-bodied, white people. And everyone who doesn’t fit that category is someone who “America” needs protection from.

McEwan, a straight white woman, who fits into this “America” strongly objects:
Donald Trump: Stop using me. You do not have my permission to say I need your "protection." And you do not have my consent to use me to conceal that your "protective" measures are just rank white supremacy.

McEwan shows her Twitter feed on her blog. She has been complaining (again!) that another of her posts has been stripped of her name and reposted to Facebook. Along the way she asked that her name be spelled correctly. That prompted me to notice that for the last two years in most posts where I mention her I’ve been spelling it wrong.

I apologize.

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