Saturday, February 4, 2017

Keep up the resistance

The Atlantic put together a webpage of 45 photos from around the world of the Women’s March held last month.

Shortly after that march the issue of Net Neutrality came up again. Net Neutrality means an internet provider must treat all websites equally, they cannot favor one over another by slowing down or blocking a disfavored site. An example of that disfavor is a provider slowing down an internet video service because it has its own video service.

But the nasty guy has nominated Agit Pai for the Federal Communications Commission, a guy very much against Net Neutrality. Pai said “We need to fire up the weed whacker and remove those rules that are holding back investment, innovation, and job creation.”

Melissa McEwen of Shakesville responds: “Get ready for the conservative talking points about how Net Neutrality crushes business and innovation, despite the fact the precise opposite is true.”

A part of ending Net Neutrality is that providers can not only slow down, but block sites the provider decides are objectionable, such as Planned Parenthood action alerts being blocked by ClearChannel.

That hugely successful Women’s March was organized on the internet. McEwen says it is a big reason for the quick resurfacing of Net Neutrality. The nasty guy’s minions are surely saying: A successful march? By women? Denouncing us? Can’t have that again.

We’ll need to vigorously defend Net Neutrality.

A couple weeks ago (and I’m just getting to it now) Sean Spicer, press secretary for the nasty guy, ranted about how his boss was demoralized by all the critical coverage.

McEwen says that is very good news. It means our continued resistance works. Keep it up.

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