Saturday, June 10, 2017

I’d like you to meet my tax cut advisor

Back in 2012 Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback pushed through aggressive tax cuts to spur small business growth. Lots of people exploited a feature of the cuts and the state’s revenues plummeted. Of course, since Kansas is a GOP controlled state, funds for education got cut.

In March this year the state Supremes ruled that funding for schools is so low it is unconstitutional. Lawmakers were given a deadline to properly finance education to close the achievement gape between the white and affluent students and those who aren’t.

The legislature came up with a tax-hike plan and passed it with GOP help. They’re tired of the financial chaos too. Brownback vetoed it. And – finally – the legislature overrode his veto.

Alexia Campbell of Vox notes that Brownback got his tax advice from Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore. Some of us remember when Laffer advised Prez. Reagan and how well that went (spoiler alert: huge jump in federal deficits). Laffer and Moore are now advising the nasty guy about tax cuts.

Perhaps Laffer and Moore should study what just happened in Kansas.

Leo Varadkar, a gay man, is on track to become the Prime Minister of Ireland! He will also be the youngest person to hold that office. Ireland joins Belgium, Iceland, and Luxemburg in having a gay or lesbian national leader.

Philadelphia has expanded the inclusion of the rainbow LGBTQ flag by adding black and brown stripes. The flag will be flown at city hall during the pride month of June. An anonymous source said:
The black and brown stripes are an inclusionary way to highlight Black and Brown LGBTQIA members within our community. With all of the Black and Brown activism that's worked to address racism in the Gayborhood over the past year, I think the new flag is a great step for the city to show the world that they're working toward fully supporting all members of our community.

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